Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds)

  • 1 cup weight = 100 grams
  • A very high source of protein, containing all 20 known amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce. The major part of hemp protein is made of the globulin protein Edestin, which aids digestion, almost phosphorus-free, and considered the backbone of the cell’s DNA. The rest of hemp seed protein is Albumin, which is similar to the globulin protein found in egg whites.
  • Hemp originated in central Asia and the Himalayas thousands of years BC, and eventually spread throughout the rest of the world.
  • Eating a good amount of hemp hearts at the start of your day will keep you from snacking on ‘filler’ foods with empty calories by providing enough long-lasting energy to last throughout the day. They will help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve organ function, reduce symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps, reduce inflammation and symptoms of arthritis, and improve the recovery of muscles after exercising.

Store in: refrigerator in a tightly covered container.
How to use:  Hemp seeds are odorless and flavorless and thus, can be added to any regular food. Sprinkle them on cereal, toss them into salads, bake them into muffins, blend them into smoothies (grind them first in a coffee grinder).
Watch out for: they have to be consumed in significant quantities to experience some of their benefits. Hemp Hearts can have a cathartic or laxative effect on some people. Introduce it into your diet slowly. If you eat Hemp Hearts later in the day, it may make it harder for you to wind down in the evening to sleep.
Substitution: try flaxseed + almond, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut, or just about any kind of nuts or nut flour