Remembrance Day 2015

Remembrance Day 2015

When we visited the cemetery at Omaha Beach in Normandy France this past summer, both Mr Fox and I were moved to tears. It was remarkable how deeply it affected us.

All of our lives we’ve heard stories about World War II but standing in the American Cemetery among the more than 9000 white marble crosses that mark the graves of soldiers who died in battle on the beaches of Normandy. It was shocking. For us, it brings a whole new depth of meaning to Remembrance Day.

We were there, with white crosses as far as you can see every which way and then it dawns on us that this is only one of many cemeteries where the soldiers of World War II are buried …

Estimated military deaths in World War II is from 15 to 25 million, including deaths in captivity of about 5 million prisoners of war.  World War II fatality statistics vary greatly, with a total number of human casualties somewhere between 50 million to more than 80 million. The higher number includes the often omitted 19 to 25 million war-related famine deaths in the USSR, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and India.

I was overwhelmed in that cemetery surrounded by those 9000+ graves. There’s no way to wrap one’s head around what millions of graves would look like. Horrible … just horrible. And this is from just one war! And the civilian casualties. The overall loss of human lives. Heartbreaking.

As we were standing in that cemetery in Normandy, Mr Fox said “every world leader should be forced to visit this place”.

There’s not much more I can say here. I’m going to post some of the photographs we took while in Normandy. I invite you to join me. To quietly take a moment to view the pictures, reflect upon the cost of War and remember the sacrifice of all those people.

Remembrance Day
Omaha Landing Beach in Normandy France

Remembrance DayRemembrance DayRemembrance DayRemembrance Day

Remembrance Day
We were surprised to find Canadians buried in the American Cemetery
Remembrance Day
The American Cemetery in Normandy France overlooks Omaha Beach

Remembrance Day

Please, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, turn off all of your devices and observe a moment of silence.

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