Recipe and Review: Roasted Strawberry Parfait With Nonuttin’ Granola

Recipe and Review: Roasted Strawberry Parfait With Nonuttin’ Granola

I was pretty happy about being asked to review these products from Libre Naturals. I met Alana and Sarah Elliot, the mother daughter duo of Libre Naturals at the Gluten Free Expo in Vancouver earlier this year. As I was listening to mom Alana talk about why she started the Company, I reached down and picked up a sample of their Nonuttin’ Granola, had a nibble, and was instantly smitten.

Usually at Expos and Fairs, I wander and nibble and collect business cards or brochures from different companies whose products I might enjoy. I don’t buy things because I’m not into lugging extra stuff around. I tend to wait and source the new products online, or at local shops.

nonuttin Granola by Libre Naturals

There were several exhibitors at the 2014 Gluten Free Expo in Vancouver, who we’re sampling granola and because I love granola, I’m pretty sure I tried them all. However, there was something different about Nonuttin’ Granola from Libre Naturals. Something that made me decide to buy a couple of bags to take home.

I believe Nonuttin’ Granola differs from others because it is lightly sweetened and is not over the top icky sweet like most cereals. Also, like all of their products, Nonuttin’ Granola is allergy friendly not just for those of us with gluten sensitivities (they use pure oats and have gluten free certification) but they are also free of all top 11 food allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, sulphites and mustard). Their granola is not overly dry and crunchy or clumpy like some of the other oat based products I’ve sampled and it is also free of preservatives, colours, artificial flavours and GMOs.

nonuttin by Libre Naturals

Alana started developing these products more than 10 years ago after she realized there was a need for natural, allergy friendly and gluten free brands to offer solutions to the growing epidemic of food related immune diseases. Alana herself has asthma and her husband and daughters have multiple food allergies.

In 2012, Alana created the company Libre Naturals, and the Nonuttin’ products continue as a brand within the Libre Naturals family. The company is still owned by the Elliott family who live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

nonuttin by Libre Naturals

You can order products online directly from Libre Naturals. They stand behind their online orders with a guarantee (read their guarantee policy here) Libre Naturals is available for delivery to both the US and Canada.

If you’re not into ordering online, you can use the Store Locater feature on their website, or take a copy of their Store Request Form to your local grocer.

Nonuttin’ Granola Is available in three flavours, Blueberry Maple, Vanilla Caramel and Vanilla Cinnamon. This allergy friendly granola is available in 250g (8.8 oz) packages and 4,550g (10 lb) bulk packages.


One thing I was curious about, was a comparison of the sugars in Libre Naturals versus another Brand of Granola. As I mentioned I like the fact that Nonuttin’ Granola does not taste icky sweet.

Nonuttin’ Vanilla Caramel Granola has 7g Sugars per 1/2 Cup (50g) serving. I compared that to a different Brand of Granola I had in my Pantry (a certified gluten free oat based Organic Apple Cinnamon Granola). The other Brand has 14g Sugars (twice as much as Libre Naturals) and the other Brand’s numbers are for a smaller serving size of 30g. I weighed out 30g of the other cereal and it came to a little bit more than 1/4 Cup of Granola. Unless my math is incorrect, I think this means the other Brand has almost 4 times as much Sugars? No wonder I noticed the difference!

nonuttin Granola Yogurt Roasted Strawberry Parfait

In all fairness to other Brands, I imagine there are ones out there that are also low in Sugars. I just compared Libre Naturals to the Brand I had on hand. I have made a conscious effort to cut down on my Sugars intake, so I appreciate having a tasty gluten free Granola like this one from Libre Naturals, that is lower in Sugars.

I love the flavours of their Nonuttin’ Granola. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Blueberry Maple.

Libre Naturals Instant Oatmeal Cups are ultra convenient. All you do is add a bit of water, pop the lid back on and let sit for a few minutes…then stir and eat. They come in five flavours, Classic, Apples and Cinnamon, Blueberries and Cranberries, Blueberries Apples and Sunflower Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds Raisins and Spices.


The Oatmeal is available in single serving size (65g) Cups or in a 4,550g (10 lb) bulk packages. The Cups, as I said, are ultra convenient. They make for a quick satisfying breakfast at home, or at the office. They are perfect to take along while you’re traveling. That’s what I did last weekend and had no trouble getting the necessary hot water from the Hotel Coffee Shop.

Libre Natural Oatmeal Cup

I enjoyed all the flavours, especially the ones with blueberries. Kids enjoy these too. My grandson is always reluctant to try new foods but he had a bite of Libre Naturals Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal and exclaimed “it tastes just like a cookie”.

It’s not often that I eat cooked Oatmeal for breakfast these days and when I do, I usually make it from scratch. These Oatmeal Cups would be a convenience item that I would mostly use when traveling but if I was still working downtown, then I would definitely keep a few of these Gluten Free Oatmeal Cups in my desk drawer for those early mornings when I just needed 5 more minutes of sleep…which happened to be pretty much every morning.


Nonuttin’ Granola Bars at 30 grams and 120 calories (for the Double Chocolate), are just a touch smaller (by 5g and 10 calories) than other Brands of cereal bars we already have in the Fox household. I still found the Nonuttin’ Granola Bars were satisfying enough for a mid morning, or afternoon snack. They are chewy bars with a good crunch. I liked all the flavours but my favourite was the Double Chocolate…of course!

nonuttin Granola Bars

I always keep gluten free Granola Bars on hand. There’s usually one tucked away in my purse and these Nonuttin’ Granola Bars are the perfect size for my small purse. We also keep a few in the car for those times when I’ve got lots of running around to do and no time to stop for a meal. A Granola Bar helps to tide me over until mealtime.

In addition to the products listed above, Libre Naturals also sells the following products in bulk – Pure Rolled Oats, Quick Flakes Oats, Berry Delight Trail Mix, Fruit Explosion Trail Mix, Hikers Delight Trail Mix, Raw Sunflower Seeds (without nut cross-contamination) and Raw Pumpkin Seeds.

A few other things of note about Libre Naturals

  • You can find detailed nutritional info about all of their products on the Libre Naturals website.
  • Libre Naturals products get tested for shelf stability and are clearly marked with a Best Before date.
  • Alana Elliot and her team have built a fantastic website with loads of information for anyone with food allergies.

Disclosure: Libre Naturals provided me with samples for this product review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my time. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Roasted Strawberries

Remember my post from a few days ago for Roasted Berries? You will need some Roasted Strawberries for this recipe. Smother Roasted Strawberries in yogurt and top with Nonuttin’ certified Gluten Free Granola for a delightful breakfast, or dessert parfait.


Roasted Strawberry Parfait With Nonuttin’ Granola
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Gluten Free | Vegetarian
  • Always refer to packaging labels for the most up to date allergy information
  • 1 Cup plain unsweetened yogurt (I used my homemade yogurt)
  • 1 Cup roasted strawberries
  • 1/2 Cup Nonuttin' certified Gluten Free Granola
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)
  1. In two serving small bowls, or glasses, layer yogurt, berries, granola and repeat until all ingredients are used. Drizzle each berry layer with a bit of honey (if desired). Serve immediately.

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