Wild Rice Flour

  • 1 cup weight = 160 grams
  • Rich in folate, this light brown flecked flour, has a hearty, interesting flavour and texture. It’s best used as part of a flour blend for pancakes, muffins, scones and cookies. Use it to thicken casseroles, sauces, gravies and stews.
  • Wild Rice flour is not made from rice but a wild aquatic grass originally grown in lakes, particularly in the Minnesota area. Wild rice is now produced in man-made paddies and, therefore, it’s more plentiful. It has a long shelf life because it is dried and slightly fermented. This flour’s very dark brown to black colour adds a rich hue to pastries and other baked items.

Store in:
How to use: Add up to 25 percent to a basic flour blend.
Watch out for: Wild rice flour imparts a distinct flavor and adds a dark appearance to baked goods. Not suited for delicate pastries, such as sugar cookies, white cakes or biscotti.
Substitution: Try buckwheat