• 1 cup weight = 128 grams
  • Highly refined and with little nutritional value, lightens baked goods to make them more airy, used in combo with heavier flours
  • Cornstarch is a flavourless powder created from the endosperm part of corn, believed to have originated in Mexico or Guatemala, and constituted a considerable part of the First Nations’ diet. Cornstarch imparts no nutritional value, but helps to produce a smooth, moist, more structured ‘bite’ needed in gluten-free baking, similar to tapioca.

Store in: a sealed container in a dry place.
How to use: can be used in place of arrowroot or potato starch. It makes a transparent thickener for gravies, soups, sauces and makes a crisp coating for breading. It’s an important part of many all-purpose gluten-free flour blends.
Watch out for: the British term for “corn flour” is really cornstarch.
Substitution: starches for the most part are interchangeable. Sub with Arrowroot flour/starch, Potato starch (not potato flour) or Tapioca starch