Buckwheat Flour

  • 1 cup weight = 120 grams
  • Earthy flavour, is a great source of balanced protein and eight essential amino acids and high in fiber.
  • Despite its name, Buckwheat Flour is not actually a type of wheat, but a member of the herb family. The seeds are ground to make a dark coloured strong robust flavored gluten-free flour that is most often used in pancakes but is gaining popularity in other GF baked goods such as cookies and breads. Buckwheat combines well with other gluten-free flours

Store in: an airtight container in the refrigerator to extend shelf life.
How to use: for breads and rolls, use up to 1 cup per recipe to impart a taste and texture that comes close to whole wheat. Use less when baking delicate cookies or pies.
Watch out for: read labels to make sure 100% Buckwheat as commercial products often combine with Whole Wheat flour. Too much pure Buckwheat can overpower a baked product.
Substitution: try millet, amaranth, quinoa or kasha (similar texture, nuttier flavor). Kasha is roasted buckwheat groats or you can try using a gluten free all-purpose blend.